Cloud, Mobile & Data Design.

We are a DevOps company that specializes in design and development of software and solutions in the fields of cloud computing, mobile applications and data design. We adopt agile methodologies in project management to deliver quality to our cutomers and respect time-to-market constraints.

We support companies in approaching AWS cloud technologies and MongoDB through a mentoring program.
The modules of mentoring are:


Onboarding takes place in the initial phase of mentoring and is led by the staff zero12, who will allow to define objectives, methods and timing of the development of the different activities through specific methodologies.
Onboarding is considered a crucial stage as it helps to identify the resources and skills involved, outlining the activities and operation times of the parties involved in the project.


On the basis of the competence profile determined during Onboarding a specific training plan will be developed to support the customer in a training program that begins from the basics of the reference Infrastructure until the development of automatic and scalable systems. The training will be structured in three different Labs on the basis of which varying degrees of expertise will be provided. The training phase involves the alternation of theoretical sessions and practical Labs in order to put into practice what has been learnt in training sessions.


This phase involves the design, installation and configuration of Cloud infrastructures based on Amazon Web Services and database architectures based on MongoDB.
With reference to AWS, the configuration enables, for example, to create cloud infrastructures to support projects for content distribution (live events, ...) or Mobile apps replacing and supplementing the corporate datacenter.
Regarding database architectures, since MongoDB has a very dynamic structure, the activity of schema design is of paramount importance for the organization of data depending on the amount of create, update and read operations needed by the application software.


During the development of an AWS architecture, it is important to provide the coaching of a mentor programmer that supports the team and identifies possible problems. Development activities can be carried out by the internal staff of the customer supported by zero12 programmers, or it is possible to delegate the application development directly to zero12 either in part or totally.


In order for an IT solution is efficient and effective it is necessary to monitor the architecture so that you have a constant feedback and identify the processes of scalability that generate the increase or decrease in resources according to traffic demands. In addition, the monitoring activities, allows to identify possible problems and resolve them proactively and to control resources to understand how to optimize costs.


The support activities for the project includes the coaching of the customer in three phases:
1. Weeks preceding the production release
2. After the release into production
3. Audits and periodic review of the project
Are provided regular meetings to: check the status of architecture, assumed a new alignment on the objectives of the project and possibly define some future interventions.

* Modules can be selected individually and combined together to better fit customer needs.

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